L&D Connect is a community for learning and development professionals. We are creating spaces to discuss and share content of interest – you can find us here on Twitter and join the weekly #ldinsight chat at 8am GMT on Fridays

When we say “we” – it really is a community of practitioners, who volunteer their time, effort and creativity to enable conversations, discussions and content curation. Different people participate and lead in different areas. It’s a platform to network, experiment and explore.

What do we do?

We like to experiment.
We run twitter chats, face to face informal “tweet up” events (even for those not on Twitter) and annual Social after the CIPD Learning Show.

Since 2012, we have set up and run Unconferences for learning practitioners to network and learn. So far, the LnDconnect community have run them in London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester & Rotterdam.

2018 Events

We are currently working on Unconference Events in Edinburgh (19th April 2018) Bristol (28th September) with London & Netherlands TBC.




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